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Hi, I'm Adas! I’m a professional wedding photographer with 14 years experience. I’ve shot over 230 weddings all over the world... from Lake Garda in Italy to the Nevada Desert, from the most beautiful ancient forests in Lithuania to the scorching hot sand of Mexican beaches - I've seen it all! I pour myself into every wedding shoot I take on and do not rest until I successfully capture every precious emotion in the most creative way possible.

Professionalism to me means bringing a happy attitude and the utmost responsibility to each and every wedding photoshoot I do to make it an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Contact me to book your date at - +37067575700 (whatsapp, viber also available) or fill in the form below:

People say that I'm like no other - my pictures are one of the kind! I don’t snap thousands of shots in the same boring locations that you’ve seen hundreds of times before. Rather, I like to come up with creative and unique ideas for my newlywed clients. Ideas that are fun and non-traditional. As my client, I will get to know you well before your big day in order to meet your expectations - understanding what you like, what you don't and what will make you happy.

Of course, we need to keep the Mother-of-the-Bride happy too, so I always save some time for those romantic must-have shots too!

Responsible wedding photographer
I take pride not only in the quality and originality of my work but also in the speed at which I deliver the final product to my clients - a rare attribute to possess in the world of Wedding Photography! There is nothing worse than hearing sad stories of people waiting 3 or more months after their wedding to get their pictures. You will have yours in just 3 weeks or less! I am more than willing to answer any questions before the wedding, because, happy and prepared newlyweds will result in great pictures - and great pictures are my number one priority!

If you like my style and positive attitude, do not hesitate to drop me a line or a call. My availability is limited and booked up months in advance, so don't waste any time and reach out to me now at - +37067575700 (whatsapp, viber also available) or fill in the form below:

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